Education Outreach

Chamber Music Hawaii’s Education/Outreach programs reach over 5,000 students, teachers, parents, administrators, librarians, and community members statewide each season. Generous grant support has allowed CMH’s three resident ensembles, the Galliard String Quartet, the Spring Wind Quintet, and the Honolulu Brass Quintet to perform at schools, community centers, libraries, and other venues each year on all six Hawaiian Islands, including Lanai. Each group performs age and content-specific repertoire in formats, which are tailored to the needs of the Band/Orchestra Director or Community Liaison. Several clinic formats are listed here:


The most commonly requested format includes each ensemble performing short excerpts of the repertoire and using talking points to explain the music and how the ensemble performs together. Specific performance issues like getting a good sound, proper posture, and good hand position are among the topics that can be addressed.


Each member of the professional ensemble sits in his or her specific section in the band or orchestra and plays along with the students. This method provides a quick and intense learning environment for the students and can be quite effective in communicating how to play the music being rehearsed.

Sectional and Individual Coaching

Sometimes a Band or Orchestra Director would like the individual members of chamber group to help specific sections work on music the class is preparing. One-on-one coachings are also offered in cases where a student may need a little extra help to keep up with the class, or there’s a student who could benefit from more advanced tutoring.

If you would like more information or to schedule an in-school appearance please contact Chamber Music Hawaii’s Education/Outreach Coordinator J. Scott Janusch at (808) 223-7825 or write to:

J. Scott Janusch, Chamber Music Hawaii, PO Box 61939, Honolulu, HI 96839

Sarah Tochiki,
Band Director
Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School, Lihue, Kauai
November, 2017

Thank you Spring Wind Quintet, for being willing to work with our busy schedule. It was great for our beginning band students to see professionals of your level. Great information provided and articulated clearly. Students loved the music and were fascinated. You are welcome at any time; hopefully we can have you at all the schools on Kauai.

Kerri Glickstein
Band Director
Lanai High & Elementary School
March, 2018

Lanai High & Elementary School has been fortunate enough to have annual visits by members of Chamber Music Hawaii’s two ensembles: Spring Wind Quintet and Honolulu Brass Quintet. These annual visits from both ensembles have been valuable assets to the development of the band program here.

When Lanai students visit Oahu or the mainland, rarely will their family make time to take in a symphony concert or bring their child to an instrumental masterclass. Chamber Music Hawaii provides the children of Lanai with their only opportunity to watch, interact with, and learn from professional concert musicians.

This is the equivalent of an NBA team player coming to Lanai to work with our high school basketball team, or an NFL squad spending time with our school football team. The lessons learned from these musicians carry into their day-to-day study in band class, and the students can see that dedicated study of a musical instrument can pave the way for college scholarship, a career, and travel opportunities. The presence of a chamber ensemble is inspiring to the students, and alumni of the band often recall their memories of both the woodwind and brass quintet visits to our campus. Mahalo!